Tiggy Rawling

Sample pack - 12 x 5" squares
Indigo fabrics with shibori resist - stitched, bound, clamped and wrapped amongst other things.
Fine cotton - £7.00
9" square silk/ viscose velvet
£4.00 each or 3 for £10.00
Sample pack - 6 x 9" squares
Light weight cotton - £8.00
Sample pack - big bits and smaller bits
Light weight cotton - £14.00
Sample pack - big bits and smaller bits
Fine cotton - £15.00
Indigo dyed thread
Linen. medium cotton, fine cotton - £1.25 each.
Any questions/enquiries, e-mail me. No Buy-Now Buttons, instead I will issue a Paypal invoice, which will include shipping costs to where ever in the world you are. I can also accept Sterling cheques.
I have made up sample packs to start with, and will add new stuff every so often. Perfect weather for indigo, so I will be dipping and dyeing lots over the coming weeks. If you want larger pieces, let me know.
See my blog http://tiggyrawling.blogspot.com/
bound resist
brush strokes - batik
stripes - batik
plain dyed
Samples of various shibori patterns, plus batik stripes and brush strokes. I dye lengths of cloth using these techniques.
Contact me for a quote if you would like to order a particular size.
shisha - authentic mirrors as used in Indian embroidery - £1.00 per packet
shell sequins, single hole
10mm or 7mm dia. - £1.00 per packet
shell button - two hole
8mm or 6mm - £1.00 per packet
jade green
cloisonne blue
deep purple
pale lemon
indigo blue
deep golden yellow
JEWELS - 6 spools @ £7.50 per pack
NAXOS - 6 spools @ £7.50 per pack
Hand dyed threads - fine cotton, suitable for hand stitching, embroidery and machine work.
Each spool contains approximately 38 metres.